Getting your insurance claim completely covered

Dercon News

Judy’s home was impacted by a severe hail storm in the summer of 2014. She contacted her insurance company prior to our introduction; they sent out an inspector and awarded $12,000 for a few cosmetic repairs. As we were performing a number of jobs in her neighborhood she contacted us to perform the repairs.

Upon inspection of the home it was clear that the insurance adjuster had neglected to identify and cover a significant amount of damage to the home. After three subsequent inspections with the carrier and many hours of estimating and negotiations, we were able to get all of the damage covered. As a result the carrier approved over $45,000 in repairs, that’s over $33,000 in repairs that were unidentified on the initial settlement.

Each year we work with hundreds of clients with similar circumstances. Whether its $1,000 or $100,000 we seldom see an initial estimate from an insurance carrier that covers the cost of restoration completely if we are not involved in the initial inspection.

Results like this can be attributed to a few factors that we pride ourselves on. Thorough inspections performed by educated staff, intimate familiarity with the claims process and excellent communication with the homeowner and the insurance carriers.