Our Team

Over the years, Dean Marquette built several homes for himself and assisted friends and family with remodeling projects in the evenings and weekends. Each project intensified his passion for the industry and desire to help others achieve their dream spaces. It was that passion that drove Dean to resign from his full time job as a machinist and start Dercon Construction Services. Established in 2004, Dercon Construction Services was founded to achieve remodeling excellence in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Initially, Dean ran all aspects of the remodeling projects from assisting with upfront design to final inspection. As the business grew, Dean recognized the importance of surrounding himself with a team that, at their core, held the same values and passion for the industry. Dercon now employs fifteen individuals focused on the following core values:

Passion for remodeling

Professionalism and integrity in the process

Quality craftsmanship

Open and free communication

Can-do attitude and willingness to go the extra mile

Dercon Construction demands excellence with its own team, contractors, and suppliers. It is our business to provide competitive pricing, supreme quality, and on-time delivery. Our commitment and attention to detail and communication is the cornerstone at Dercon Construction Services, we look forward to talking with you about your remodeling projects. 

To find out more about Dercon Construction and to talk more about your remodeling dreams, contact us here or call us at 612-502-4920

(612) 502-4920

Dean Marquette


Dean Marquette founded Dercon Construction Services in 2004 . He has been a resident of Anoka county for nearly 50 years, and has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. He has been commended for his great problem solving, listening skills, and extensive knowledge of the construction industry. Dean began Dercon as a side job but within a few years, the demand was high enough that he decided to take the risk and work on his company full-time. Dean is passionate about construction work, our company, and our clients. This passion is reflected in our customer experience and workmanship.

Derek Marquette

Production Manager

Derek Marquette is Dean’s oldest son. Derek attended the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics with minors in Finance and Marketing. He has been working with his father since the age of 12, and joined the team as a full-time production manager in 2014. He prides himself on customer satisfaction and has a goal of running jobs as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. Creating strong relationships with our vendors, vetting subcontractors, and continuing product education to ensure the best experience and value for our clients.

Conner Marquette

Sales & Marketing Manager

Conner Marquette is Dean's youngest son. Conner attended college at St. Cloud State University where he obtained a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with minors in Entrepreneurship and Sales. Conner has been working with his father since the age of 13 and has been a top sales consultant for 7+ years. Conner is always striving to make our customers experience top notch through his great communication, informative style, and product knowledge.

Stephan Thomas

Interior Job Supervisor

Stephan Thomas joined the Dercon team in 2017 and has been a great addition since his first day. Stephan has brought a wealth of knowledge and 26+ years experience in many different areas of the Construction industry. His attention to detail and forward thinking improves the efficiency & quality of our jobs everyday. Ensuring your project stays on schedule and is finished to your satisfaction is Stephans number one goal.

Trevor Dahl

Project Estimator

Trevor Dahl joined the Dercon team in 2018 with extensive experience in project management, estimating, and hands on field experience. Trevor works with our Sales Consultants and Production Managers to ensure that our budgets are accurate upfront and ensures that we stick to these budgets throughout the production of our projects.

Jeff Haug

Lead Carpenter

Jeff Haug joined the Dercon Team in 2017. With over 27 years of experience in the construction industry and a fourth generation carpenter, Jeff leads our production team out in the field ensuring every job is neat, clean, and organized and ensures the quality of our projects exceeds our customers expectations.

Phil Bodine


Phil Bodine joined the Dercon team in 2015, Phil brought over 42 years of field experience in the construction industry. He ensures the quality of our installations and customer interaction exceeds clients expectations. Phil enjoys working on projects of all sizes and working with our production team to come up with ways of building quality solutions to our customers unique challenges.

Frank Fotia

Shop Manager & Specialty Projects

Frank Fotia joined the Dercon team in 2007, Frank has undertaken many roles throughout his time at Dercon. Frank provides an abundance of experience in design, production, and all facets of the construction process. Frank now ensures our shop and production team has all the tools and materials needed to get our jobs completed in the highest efficiency and highest quality. Frank also undertakes the unique requests and customized scenarios our clients bring to us.

Sydney Weber

Office Administrative Assistant

Sydney Weber joined the Dercon team in 2018. Sydney helps with a variety of tasks including permitting, filing, marketing activities and much more. Sydney brings joy to whatever task she is a part of and helps ensure the detailed work in the "back office" is completed in a efficient and effective way.