Smooth Insurance Claim Restoration

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In the summer of 2013, this residence was hit by a hail storm that caused some significant damage. We were in the neighborhood and stopped by their home to inform John and Bonnie about the potential damage to their home and offer our free inspection services. John and Bonnie informed us that their roof was just replaced two years prior, but agreed to let us look anyways. Upon inspection, we located severe hail damage on all slopes of their roof as well as on their gutters. John and Bonnie decided to take our advice and call their insurance company to file a claim.

When the insurance adjuster arrived and inspected their home, he agreed overwhelming that the damage was significant enough to require full replacement of the roof and gutters on the entire home. Dercon moved forward after receiving the approval with the project and completed the roof and seamless aluminum gutters on the home. John and Bonnie’s roof and gutters turned out beautiful and they were very satisfied with the work we provided for them, both parties and now looking forward to working together again in the future on a kitchen remodel for their home.